Climate Change Business Journal Awards AER for Renewable Power Innovations

Climate Change Business Journal Awards AER for Renewable Power Innovations

AER will be awarded with the Business Achievement Award in the in low carbon and renewable power category at the 2012 Environmental Business Journal awards March 6-8, 2013.

AER is receiving the award from the Climate Change Business Journal ® for innovative approaches that reduce risk in adopting renewable energy. The award citation indicates technical merit for developing new approaches and methods for measuring and forecasting solar and wind resources that allow renewable power plant developers to measure more accurately both long-term production and short-term variations in resource availability.


  • AER developed the Solance™ solar irradiance forecast specifically tailored to the needs of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.
  • AER was also lauded for developing a new method specifically designed for the offshore wind energy market to provide synthetic 30‐year climatologies — at ultra‐high space and time resolution — of wind at hub height.

Another Verisk Analytics company, 3E Company, is also receiving a Business Achievement award from EBJ.

“We’re delighted that both 3E and AER have won Business Achievement Awards,” said Scott Stephenson, president and chief operating officer of Verisk Analytics. “Both companies are leaders in their respective industries and are united by the common goal that all Verisk companies share: the desire to reduce risk, facilitate compliance, and create safer living and working environments. We applaud 3E’s and AER’s dedication to innovation and commend them for continually striving for excellence.”

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