MIT Climate Scientist Susan Solomon in AER Seminar

MIT Climate Scientist Susan Solomon in AER Seminar

AER is hosting a noontime seminar by MIT Professor Susan Solomon on “Emerging Signals of Climate Changes: Where in the World will Climate Change First?"

A leading atmospheric chemist, Solomon will summarize recent research showing the surprising result that an early onset of significant local warming that exceeds past variability is already emerging or will likely emerge in the next two decades in many tropical countries.

Prof. Susan Solomon is well known for positing the theory and discovering the cause of the Antarctic ozone hole. A scientist at  NOAA since 1981, she joined the faculty of MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) in January 2012.

Ross Hoffman, AER Chief Scientist and VP of Research and Development, will introduce Professor Solomon.

The seminar occurs on Nov. 15. See our event page for details.