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The Washington Post | Matthew Cappucci & Jason Samenow | February 10, 2023

How a predicted polar-vortex disruption could spur winter’s revenge

AER Science and Dr Judah Cohen's seasonal forecasting work is highlighted in this article discussing the issue of a forecasted sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event and increasingly likely polar-vortex disruption for the Northern Hemisphere. This event may unleash a significant late-winter cold-snap, severe weather, and winter precipitation events across the...

AER Science and Dr Judah Cohen's seasonal forecasting work is highlighted in several media articles associated with the winter arctic blast felt through most of the U.S. in December 2022.

Barb Mayes Boustead | The Washington Post | October 21, 2022

Winter weather predictions abound, but which should you trust?

THE PRESS of Atlantic City | Joe Martucci | February 5, 2022

After a snowy, stormy start to winter, here's what the rest of it looks like

Climate Connections | Bob Henson | February 2, 2022

Epic week of snow: High Plains hammered, Northeast nailed

Choices Magazine: Eric D. Hunt, Cory Walters, Toni Klemm, Iyore Eronmwon, and Judah Cohen | January 11, 2022

Using Analog-Based Seasonal Weather Forecasts to Improve Grain Marketing Decisions

Amy Mcvey, Jarrod Lewis, Ethan Fahey (AWS) | November 17, 2021

How Projects Can be Tracked on AWS to Increase Accountability and Reduce Cost

EPA Methane Detection Virtual Workshop, Tim Pernini | August 25, 2021

The GreenLITE™ Solution--AER's revolutionary real-time emission monitoring solution

GreenLITE™ is an open-path laser absorption spectrometer system that enables two-dimensional mapping of gas fields in both concentration and emission space. The system covers areas of up to 25 square kilometers and operates autonomously and continuously.

Every time severe winter weather strikes the United States or Europe, reporters are fond of saying that global warming may be to blame. The paradox goes like this: As Arctic sea ice melts and the polar atmosphere warms, the swirling winds that confine cold Arctic air weaken, letting it spill...

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Wild Weather in a Warming World--AER contributes to news stories on major US winter storms

The New York Times | December 18, 2020

How climate change is affecting winter storms

After the recent major winter storm striking the Eastern Unites States AERs Dr Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting is highlighted in a New York Times article. Dr Cohen tackles the complex relationship between climate change and the increase of extreme weather events against the backdrop of warmer winters overall.