How insurers are turning to technology to process your claims

Publish Date: September 30, 2011
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"Atmospheric and Environmental Research of Lexington, Mass., has introduced an offering that lets an insurance claims manager log into an online portal after a big hailstorm and pull up a detailed map of the storm’s track. Numerals on the map give, for instance, the estimated maximum hail diameter in inches for specific locations. Red circles show where the carrier has policies with insured values of, say, $500,000 or more. A bar chart reveals how many insured properties likely encountered 2-inch or larger hailstones.

"Being able to easily visualize the impact of a storm using highly detailed digital maps helps insurers in a number of ways, says Brenda Kelly, vice president of Atmospheric and Environmental Research. For instance, Kelly says, the maps can determine whether insurers should send in more claims adjusters, “perhaps flying people in from another location.” That can speed up processing of claims, resulting in checks getting into the hands of policyholders more quickly."

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