The Siberia to East Coast snow connection

Publish Date: November 30, 2011
Article Source: Washington Post Capital Weather Gang blog
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The well-respected Capital Weather Gang blog from the Washington Post highlights AER’s prediction for this winter plus AER’s research on the links “between fall Eurasian snow cover and East Coast winter weather”.

Judah Cohen of AER “is predicting a milder than average winter in D.C. and along the East Coast with near normal snowfall.”

Regarding the research A new index for more accurate winter predictions, “Cohen’s study unveils a new index, called the Snow Advance Index (SAI), that skillfully predicts the phase of the coming winter’s Arctic Oscillation (AO), based on the growth of Siberia’s October snow cover. Historically, he reports, the index has explained ‘close to 75%’ of the AO variability… [and] concludes: ‘...the AO, while thought to be unpredictable, may in fact be one of the most easily predicted phenomenon known in the climate system.’”

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