AER receives Award from Climate Change Business Journal

Publish Date: February 21, 2013
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Press Release link: Verisk Companies 3E and AER Win EBI Business Achievement Awards for Environmental Information Solutions

AER received a Business Achievement Award in the climate change category from Climate Change Business Journal®. The award cites innovations in developing new approaches and methods for measuring and forecasting solar and wind resources that allow renewable power plant developers to measure more accurately both long-term production and short-term variations in resource availability.

AER developed the Solance™ solar irradiance forecast specifically tailored to the needs of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.
AER developed a new method specifically designed for the offshore wind energy market to provide synthetic 30‐year climatologies — at ultra‐high space and time resolution — of wind at hub height.

3E Company, also a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics, has also received a Business Achievement award from Environmental Business Journal®.

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