First day of Winter likely to bring rain

Publish Date: December 21, 2013
Article Source: Worcester Telegram and Gazette
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With a warm first day of the astronomical winter (December 21) following a frigid period, Bill Fortier touched base with meteorologists including AER's Judah Cohen for insight for the winter season.

"Forecasters say that while the weather is expected to turn cold by Christmas Eve, a frigid December doesn't mean the rest of winter will be colder than average."

Channel 5 Chief Meteorologist Harvey Leonard "during recent years, has cited the research of Judah L. Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting for Atmospheric [and] Environmental Research, when giving his winter predictions."

Mr. Cohen "uses snowfall in Siberia during October as the main factor in determining how cold winter might be in New England. This October saw deep snow cover there, but it didn't advance south very much and, in fact, melted in some areas of the far north. He.said the mixed meteorological messages mean he has less confidence than usual in his predictions for our winter. Mr. Cohen says atmospheric patterns in the far north may mean it will be colder in Central New England than he first thought."

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