The Washington Post: Capital Weather Gang blog | October 14, 2015

Expert: Ramp-up in Siberian snow cover hints at cold winter for eastern U.S.

The Capital Weather Gang previews whether the upcoming winter will be colder than normal and highlights the accuracy of last year's AER winter seasonal forecast.

Announcement on AER-led research to provide a more comprehensive view of future coastal floods.

Science News | April 17, 2015

X-rays offer early warning for solar flares

The Boston Globe | March 17, 2015

The person happiest about all this snow

The cold, snowy winter was predicted by AER scientists. Judah Cohen, who leads the seasonal forecasting team, is called "The person happiest about all this snow" because he accurately predicted the harsh winter for New England and the Eastern U.S.

Science | February 20, 2015

The Siberian snow connection

Science magazine’s overview of the connection between Siberian snow cover and weather in the midlatitudes (such as the northeastern U.S. blasted by cold and snow this winter) highlights AER research and AER’s Arctic Oscillation blog.

The Boston Globe | January 22, 2015

Leaks in Boston area gas pipes exceed estimates

"The most respected seasonal forecaster, Dr. Judah Cohen of the company AER, has successfully predicted the general winter trend many times in recent years."

GeoOptics and AER press release | January 6, 2015

GeoOptics and AER Release Significant Results in Extreme Weather Study