One-Two Punch of Rising Seas, Bigger Storms may Greatly magnify U.S. East Coast Floods

Publish Date: September 21, 2015
Article Source: Columbia University press release
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"Many studies predict that future sea-level rise along the U.S. East Coast will increase flooding. Others suggest that the human-caused warming driving this rise will also boost the intensity and frequency of big coastal storms. Up to now, though, these two hazards have been assessed mostly in isolation from each other."

This press release by Earth Institute press at Columbia University, 'One-Two Punch of Rising Seas, Bigger Storms May Greatly Magnify U.S. East Coast Floods' quantifies how they could interact to produce alarming spikes in the combined height and duration of flooding."

According to lead author Christopher Little of Atmospheric and Environmental Research, “These projections help lay the groundwork for more specific research that will be valuable for adapting to climate change.”

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