AER Employees of the Year 2019

Congratulations!  AER President Guy Seeley presents annual awards


AER Employee of the Year

Amy McVey charted a new course in business development for AER in software-as-a-service beyond her role as key developer and regulatory expert for the AQcast AERMOD and SCICHEM models, presenting demos to potential clients, gathering market intelligence, developing pricing, and leading our advertising efforts. Her scientific and technical skills led to her first project wins as a Principal Investigator, and she developed her own research project to use AERMOD to forecast the impacts of accidental pollutant releases. She developed web-based user interfaces for AERMOD and SCICHEM and has taken over the development of the AQcast system from Ethan Fahy's team. She also collaborated with the GreenLITE team and organized several activities for Verisk Pride Boston. Amy is a role model for AER employees.

 2019 Employee of the Year Amy McVey


AER Team Award

The AER Accounting System (Deltek) Cloud Migration team successfully completed the cloud migration of the AER accounting system in 2019. The team, led by Jin Wang, designed, refined, and executed the cloud migration plan by implementing and evaluating different testing phases of the migration process, fixing all the identified issues, as well as providing the required training to all system users. Despite numerous challenging issues, including changes introduced in the middle of the process, the group demonstrated great dedication, perseverance, and teamwork to successfully complete the migration on schedule.  

2019 Team Award (l to r) Judy Parker, Robert Worsham, and Jin Wang. Not shown: Mike Stewart and Jenny Zhu


Dr Janusz Eluszkiewicz Citizen Award

Thomas Nehrkorn has been an example of high professionalism and scientific standards throughout his long tenure at AER, fostering fruitful collaborations with many AER and outside investigators and generously lending his expertise to numerous diverse research projects, many of which have shed light on the critical societal issue of greenhouse gas levels. Thomas has been a strong mentor of staff and a model of scientific integrity, trustworthiness, and unselfish collaboration in research, projecting a major positive influence on everyone around him and enhancing all levels of corporate citizenship at AER.

2019 Dr Janusz Eluszkiewicz Citizen Award Dr Thomas Nehrkorn


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