Polar Vortex moving off the top of the globe, what that means for Great Lakes region

Publish Date:  07 Apr 2022

Source:  Mark Torregrossa | Michigan Live

Resource Link: Polar vortex moving off the top of the globe

As the Polar Vortex weakens and undergoes the “final warming" of the season this must mean that Winter is all done, right?  Not yet!  Read the article below about what the Great Lakes region can expect which includes more winter cold and snow before any significant Spring weather returns. 

In this article, VERISK Atmospheric and Environmental Scientist Dr Judah Cohen's research on arctic amplification and the polar vortex are highlighted. 

For additional VERISK AER information contact: Judah Cohen, AER  Director of Seasonal Forecasting,  judah.cohen@aer.com  +17817612244

More information including Judah's weekly Blog can be seen here:  https://www.aer.com/science-research/climate-weather/arctic-oscillation/