What will this winter look like in New England? Get ready to be surprised

Publish Date:  21 Nov 2022

Source: Harvey Leonard, A.J. Burnett | WCVB TV Boston - ABC

Resource Link: new-england-2022-23-winter-weather-outlook

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In this leading New England TV station interview, Verisk Atmospheric and Environmental Scientist Dr Judah Cohen's research on arctic amplification and the polar vortex and it's succesful use in long-range seasonal weather forecasting are highlighted. 

For additional Verisk AER information contact: Judah Cohen, Principal Scientist & Verisk AER Director of Seasonal Forecasting,  judah.cohen@aer.com  +17817612244

More Northern Hemisphere seasonal forecasting information including Judah's weekly Blog can be seen here:  https://www.aer.com/science-research/climate-weather/arctic-oscillation/