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We will have a lot more wind power in the future — wind power is a scalable approach to reducing carbon emissions and future climate change. However, wind power can also cause changes in the local climate

AER will assist in analysis of the instrument design and performance of the Ball Operational Weather Instrument Evolution (BOWIE) Microwave. This instrument is about half the size of microwave instruments on current polar-orbiting weather satellites.

NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office | June 29, 2020

NASA implements AER Radiative Transfer Code

Dr Guy Seeley | April 30, 2020

AER Leadership Team Announcement

2020 Leadership Team

Meteorological Technology International | March 23, 2020

AER to make weather data software available to the private sector

AER and UCAR agreement on satellite data

AER HR | March 2, 2020

AER Employees of the Year 2019

AER Employee Awards

River-discharge effects on US Atlantic and Gulf coast sea-level changes

AER 2017-18 Winter Forecast

More-Persistent Weak Stratospheric Polar Vortex States Linked to Cold Extremes.

On the relationship between the meridional overturning circulation, alongshore wind stress, and United States East Coast sea level in the Community Earth System Model Large Ensemble(Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans)