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The Washington Post | July 13, 2013

When space weather attacks!

Outstanding explanation in “plain English” of the risk to the electrical grid that could occur from a solar flare and recommended approaches to address the problem, summarizing the Lloyd'sreport “Solar Storm Risk to the North American Electric Grid” which was co-authored by AER scientists.

Washington Times | June 18, 2013

Doing something about space weather

Highlights joint research by Lloyd's and AER and initiatives by the federal and state governments and industry to make the electric transmission grid more resilient.

Kyle Beatty of AER explains why P&C insurance companies have asked AER and 11 other companies to conduct research on tornado and hail frequency in Canada and the U.S. AER, Zurich Financial Services and CSC outline the importance of detailed weather and climate data to make better business decisions in...

"Blackouts can leave even the most conscientious risk managers in the dark. With this problem in mind, HSB and AER are partnering to provide a new service that will help risk managers prepare for blackouts."

" “The alliance enables a significant advance in this area and will be a great benefit to the thousands of organizations and tens of millions of people affected every year by blackouts,” said AER president and CEO Ron Isaacs." -Boston Business Journal

Insurance & Technology | May 30, 2013

AER and HSB partners on Blackout Risk Technology

The Munich Re unit has partnered with Atmospheric and Environmental Research to develop a technology that insurers and clients can use to assess blackout risk.

Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang Blog | April 29, 2013

AER’s Seasonal Forecast produces amazingly accurate winter outlook

"...his (Seasonal Forecast Team leader, Dr. Judah Cohen) outlooks for North America and Northern Hemisphere overall were strikingly accurate – putting other seasonal forecasts to shame." - Jason Samenow, Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang

Article Title: Verisk Announces New Hail Damage Score for Underwriters

"By identifying just 100 properties with preexisting damage, we estimate LOCATION Hail Damage Score can help individual carriers avoid as much as $1 million in claims payments for damage occurring before the policy term." - said Neil Spector, president of Verisk Underwriting.

Climate Change Business Journal awarded AER for innovations in forecasting solar and wind energy resources.

Video Title: Global Observations to Continue with New NASA Satellite

Article Title: Predicting Storm Surges and Coastal Property Values

Article Title: Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S

Environmental Research Letters (ERL) Highlights 2012 | January 15, 2013

AER's Seasonal Forecast Team awarded Best Article of 2012 by Environmental Research Letters