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Yahoo! News UK | January 13, 2012

Cold Snap Warning For The UK At The Weekend

Environmental Reseach Web | January 13, 2012

Global warming set to bring colder, snowier winters

"The world is getting warmer, which should mean warmer winters - right? Wrong - a new study shows that global warming produces colder winters and heavier dumps of snow for large swathes of the northern hemisphere."

ScienceNOW | January 13, 2012

Global Warming May Trigger Winter Cooling

Heating is a cause of severe winters in the North (Portuguese)

The Baltimore Sun | January 12, 2012

Warmer summers cause colder winters, scientists say

IOP Publishing Blog | January 11, 2012

Cold winters caused by warmer summers, research suggests

AER research explaining the variability of the climate system in the Northern Hemisphere, is published in Environmental Research Letters, and featured in today's press release by IOP Publishing (Institute of Physics).

Boston Globe | January 3, 2012

Region weathering unseasonable lack of snow

Washington Post Capital Weather Gang blog | November 30, 2011

The Siberia to East Coast snow connection

Worcester Telegram | November 24, 2011

Kinder, gentler winter predicted

Buffalo Channel 4 WIVB | November 23, 2011

Updated Winter Outlook

WCVB TV Channel 5 | November 20, 2011

Forecasters Predict This Winter's Snow

Scientists Look At Siberian Snow Cover

WCVB TV channel 5 | November 18, 2011

Can Siberia Determine New England Winter?

Scientists Look At Siberian Snow Cover

Atmospheric and Environmental Research of Lexington, Mass., has introduced an offering that lets an insurance claims manager log into an online portal after a big hailstorm and pull up a detailed map of the storm’s track.

ISO Auto Newsletter | September 27, 2011

New Technologies: Proactive Weather Claims Handling

National Underwriter Property and Casualty | September 6, 2011

Risk Management & Space Weather: Are You Ready?

AER scientists Nicole Homeier and James Griffin teamed up with Kyle Beatty, managing director of AER Business Solutions, to explain ways to mitigate the business risks and potentially crippling effects of a severe solar storm.