Cambridge Scientist Consults Hong Kong Government on Air Quality

Cambridge, MA—Dr. Nien Dak Sze, chairman of Cambridge-based Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. (AER) was invited by the Hong Kong government’s Special Administrative Region to present his ideas to its Chief Executive, Mr. C. H. Tung, about how Hong Kong could improve its air quality. The meeting took place in June.

"Hong Kong has to look at its environmental issues in a regional context if it is to improve its air quality for itself and for its neighbors," said Dr. Sze.

The government of Hong Kong is concerned about that country’s deteriorating air quality, particularly due to its meteorological location. Surrounded on all sides by developing nations with industrialization, Hong Kong faces pollution issues year-round. During the winter, winds come from the north, bringing with it pollution from the Pearl River Delta Region. In the spring and the remaining seasons, winds from the south, east, and west carry pollutants from neighboring industrialized nations such as Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Dr. Sze discussed Hong Kong’s opportunity in its situation to become a clean technology distribution center where it and all of its neighbors could reap the benefits of better air quality. As Hong Kong is a world-class city with the necessary infrastructure in place, clean technology distribution could include fuel cells, gas fire power plant technology, electric cars, and photophotaic energy.

Dr. Sze, founder of AER, is well respected in the field of ozone depletion and climate issues. He is one of the original developers of one- and two-dimensional stratospheric models that simulated ozone depletion resulting from the release of chemicals in the atmosphere.

About AER:
Founded in 1977, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. is an award-winning environmental research and consulting company with demonstrated expertise in remote sensing, satellite meteorology, numerical weather prediction, radiation and climate, circulation diagnostics, atmospheric chemistry, air quality and risk assessment, mathematical modeling, planetary sciences, and systems engineering. In addition to its Cambridge, MA headquarters, AER has offices in Washington, D.C.; San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA; Hong Kong, and Beijing.


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