AER Awarded Two Meteorological Projects in Support of Venezuela's VENEHMET Program

Lexington, Massachusetts – In January, 2002, AER received orders from Eprotel of Caracas, Venezuela, to provide a meteorological processing system (Sistema de Procesadores) and a provisional meteorological service (Sistema Meteorológico Provisional) as part of the VENEHMET program, managed by Unidad Ejecutora del Programa Venehmet (UEPV) under the auspices of the Ministerio del Ambiente y de los Recuros Naturales (MARNR).

The mission of the VENEHMET program is to contribute to the security of the country's citizens by improving the production and accuracy of weather and hydrological forecasts, to increase the efficiency of the socioeconomic activities of the nation, and to preserve natural resources.

AER is the principal subcontractor and will be equipping a new meteorological center in Caracas with meteorological message switching capabilities and with advanced weather visualization and forecasting tools. Existing facilities at Maracay will be enhanced and fully integrated. One of AER's major subcontractors is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, which is the national meteorological service of Australia. The Bureau involvement adds the world-class operational capabilities and experience necessary to provide tested forecasting tools and procedures.

The meteorological center will be complete by the summer of 2003 and the provisional meteorological service implementation will begin immediately.

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