AER, Inc. Awarded ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification

Lexington, MassachusettsNational Quality Assurance-USA of Acton, MA has has awarded AER, Inc. certification to the ISO9001:2000 standard after the successful completion of their triennial audit and transition to the new quality standards. Lead auditor, Phil Dargie, noted, “AER has a well documented and implemented quality management system. Management has done an outstanding job in implementing an efficient and effective system.” Originally certified under ISO9001:1994 standards in 2000, AER has successfully undergone 6 surveillance audits.

There are few providers in the weather services arena who have gone through the rigors of ISO 9001 certification. As an ISO 9001 company, AER has fully integrated quality assurance into their infrastructure to provide the means to systematically analyze, monitor and improve inputs and methodology in order to exceed the expectations of customers at every step of a contract. This translates into tested and continuously audited processes for responding to the needs of clients from the proposal stage through performance reviews and final delivery. All projects are subject to internal management review on a regular basis, which includes resource allocation, schedule and budgeting issues. Annual customer feedback is requested on all projects, and the results are reported to top management. AER consistently scores in the “very good” to “excellent” range.

About AER:
Founded in 1977, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. is an award-winning environmental research and consulting company with demonstrated expertise in remote sensing, satellite meteorology, numerical weather prediction, climate dynamics and radiation, circulation diagnostics, atmospheric chemistry, air quality and risk assessment, planetary sciences, and systems engineering. In addition to its Lexington, MA headquarters, AER has offices in Omaha, NE; and San Francisco, CA.


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