AER Releases Verification Results for European Seasonal Forecast

Lexington, MA March 8, 2004 — AER, Inc. the largest commercial weather research and development company in the U.S., today released verification results for their forecast service, sCast™, for the December-January-February 2004 winter season in Europe. Not only were the results favorable, they showed remarkable skill in all six regions.

Published in November 2003, the forecast accurately depicted the warmer than normal temperatures for northern, western, north central and eastern Europe and the colder than normal temperatures experienced in south central and southern Europe. Verification consists of a comparison between forecasted temperatures and actual temperatures for that time period as shown in the images above.

'The proprietary methodology used by our lead forecaster, Dr. Judah Cohen, has proven itself once again. When others in the field failed to predict the European weather conditions this season, AER's forecast proved to be amazingly accurate", stated Maria Pirone, Vice President, Commercial Division, AER.

sCast™ is based on a unique combination of initialization schemes as inputs to its climate model, including El Niño, global warming trends, snow cover in remote regions of the world, as well as the North Atlantic and Arctic Oscillation patterns. The final forecast is produced after thorough analysis by seasoned professional forecasters led by Dr. Judah Cohen using techniques developed over the last decade. Published monthly, the report is available through AER or its European partner, Metra Information Limited of New Zealand.

About AER:
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