Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) Expands Leadership Team and Markets

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AERTM) announced the expansion of its leadership team and growth in commercial markets. AER, a Verisk Analytics company (NASDAQ:VRSK), conducts science-based research and development for business and government and provides weather and environmental risk management products and services for industries affected by risks from natural hazards.

"It's exciting to have the opportunity to assume the leadership role at AER on its 35th anniversary,” said Ron Isaacs, AER president and CEO. "AER’s heritage as one of the most prestigious commercial weather and climate scientific research firms in the world positions us well in our traditional R&D consulting role for government agencies, and we are expanding products to meet business clients’ needs for risk management and analytics in the primary market of our Verisk parent, insurance, as well as energy, financial services, aerospace and manufacturing."

Isaacs is responsible for maintaining and growing AER’s record of excellence in research and development for government and industry. In his former role as executive vice president, Isaacs provided operational leadership and strategic vision for all of AER’s technical divisions.

Executives in new leadership roles include::

  • Dr. Guy Seeley to executive vice president managing all of AER’s science and technical divisions;
  • Cecilia Sze to SVP of Finance and Administration;
  • David Hogan to chief technical officer (CTO);
  • Dr. Hilary ("Ned") Snell to GOES‐R program manager and vice president of the GOES‐R Division;
  • Kyle Beatty, CCM, to vice president of the Business Solutions Division.

Dr. Robert ("Bob") Morris joined AER in September 2011, as vice president of space weather and principal scientist, following a distinguished career with the Air Force Research Laboratory leading ground-breaking environmental development programs of national significance. .

Expansion in Commercial Markets

Since joining the Verisk Analytics family of companies in 2009, launched innovative commercial products that tap its exceptional environmental R&D expertise to reduce risk and improve decision-making for clients.

In the past year, AER introduced solutions used by insurance, energy, financial and manufacturing firms to anticipate and manage risks related to weather and the environment.

  • The AER Respond™ natural hazard analysis service for hail, wind, hurricanes and other causes of loss is used daily by insurance carriers of all sizes to improve customer service after a severe storm and reduce loss adjustment expense and cycle times for claims management and catastrophe response.
  • The Space Weather Innovation Initiative quantified for participants the likelihood and potential effectsof space weather including extreme geomagnetic storms on the electrical power grid and insurance industry. The next phase of this initiative will quantify the severity, duration and locations of potential power disruption including specific vulnerabilities of the North American power grid.
  • The Solar Forecast, powered by AER Solance technology, provides solar irradiance forecasts globally to over 300MW of photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.
  • The Seasonal Forecast for heating demand is used by investment portfolio managers and energy traders to improve the financial results of their energy-related investments. In January, AER scientists received world-wide recognition for breakthrough science that improves the accuracy of predicting winter temperatures in the northern hemisphere.

Heritage of Science-informed Answers for Business and Government

In 2011 alone, AER scientists published more than forty research articles in over twenty different peer-reviewed journals. Three scientific articles published in January and February, 2012, were recognized as “top downloads” this year. Among AER’s staff of nearly 200 professionals, more than half are scientists globally recognized for being at the forefront of their fields and over 85 have Ph.D.’s or advanced degrees. The company's scientists collaborate closely with experts in government, industry, universities and research laboratories.

Atmospheric and Environmental Research helps businesses and government anticipate and manage risks from natural hazards, climate and weather across their enterprises. Insurance, energy, manufacturing and investment firms count on AER to help decrease their weather-related losses and increase profitability by integrating state-of-the-art climate science and weather information into their planning and decision processes. Government agencies like NOAA, NASA, and the Departments of Defense and Energy rely on AER’s scientists to help solve weather- and climate-related problems of vital national importance in energy, environment, national security, and climate change.

Established in 1977, AER is headquartered in Lexington, Mass., USA, and is a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies. Please visit or join us on Twitter and our other social media channels.