Press Releases

The research for this highly regarded statistical approach, funded by the National Science Foundation, highlighted sCast's linkage between snow cover in Siberia and U.S. winter temperatures.

US Department of Energy-funded research to lead to improvements in climate modeling and climate change predictions

hCast-SR™ helps insurance, energy, and retail markets mitigate risk caused by hurricanes.

AER and Cray collaborated to offer a solution that provides local forecast information for a variety of uses that is scalable, flexible, entirely customizable and delivered on the award-winning Cray XD1 supercomputer.

AER posted amazingly accurate verification results for '"The sCast Report" reported in the early fall of 2004.

GOES-R will be a system providing an uninterrupted flow of high-quality environmental data to government and commercial users to observe and predict local weather events, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, fog, flash floods and other severe weather.

"This type of alliance between academia (OU) and industry (AER, Inc.) is an increasingly vital component of research and education," noted Kelvin Droegemeier, OU Professor of Meteorology...

Climate research, jointly undertaken by leading scientists at AER, Inc. and MIT, is featured in a NSF special report.

Powerful 10-day ensemble forecasts add reliable indicator of forecast volatility to enhance weather trader's pricing tool.

AER's 10-day forecast, eCast™, is now compatible with the Speedwell Weather System (SWS) Vs 4.0, clients of the SWS software have gained access to the most skilled forecasts available and use the information in pricing calculations.

AER, Inc. announced the release of two forecast services, sCast, a powerful suite of seasonal forecasts, and eCast, a 4-10 day weather forecast for over sixty US cities.

sCast promises to be a valuable tool for the Weather Risk Management Market.

eCast is designed for meteorologists interested in providing more accurate forecasts out to 10 days, this tool delivers the power of over 3,000 forecasts per city in an easy to understand format.

Lead auditor, Phil Dargie, noted, “AER has a well documented and implemented quality management system. Management has done an outstanding job in implementing an efficient and effective system.”