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Through revolutionary work we've earned a global reputation for the quality of our wide-ranging, in-depth studies of the Earth, its oceans, its atmosphere and the extraterrestrial forces that exert influence on our planet every day.

The AER Resource Library highlights research conducted by AER scientists – often in collaboration with colleagues in top universities and research organizations throughout the world. AER contributors are marked in bold.

Infrared Radiative Transfer in Cloudy Atmospheres and Retrieval Applications

Fourier Transform Spectroscopy/ Hyperspectral Imaging and Sounding of the Environment

Validating the proton prediction system (PPS)

By S.W. Kahler, E. W. Cliver, Alan G. Ling
February 1, 2007

Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics

Improvements to NPOESS temperature and moisture sounding by combining sounder and imaging instrument data

American Meteorological Society Third Symposium on Future National Operational Environmental Satellites

Polar Mesospheric Cloud Prediction and Observation

AMS 87th Conference – Space Weather Effects 4th Symposium