Applying the OSS Radiative Transfer Method to MODTRAN

Type: Journal Article

Venue: SPIE Proceedings


Hilary E. Snell, Thomas Connor, Svetlan Bzenic and T. Scott Zaccheo, "Applying the OSS radiative transfer method to MODTRAN", Proc. SPIE 6233, 62331G (2006); doi:10.1117/12.666082

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The Optimal Spectral Sampling (OSS) method models band averaged radiances as weighted sums of monochromatic radiances. The method is fast and accurate and has the advantage over other existing techniques that it is directly applicable to scattering atmospheres. Other advantages conferred by the method include flexible handling of trace species and ability to select variable species at run time without having to retrain the model, and the possibility of large speed gains by specializing the model for a particular application. The OSS method is used in the CrIS and CMIS retrieval algorithms and it is currently being implemented in the Joint Center for Satellite Assimilation (JCSDA) Community Radiative Transfer Model (CRTM). A version of OSS is currently under development for direct inclusion within MODTRANTM, as an alternative to the current band models. This paper discusses the OSS interface to MODTRANTM, presents model results, and identifies new developments applicable to narrowband and broadband radiative transfer modeling across the spectrum and the training of OSS for scattering atmospheres.