Assimilation of satellite imager data and surface observations to improve analysis of circulations forced by cloud shading contrasts

Type: Journal Article

Venue: Monthly Weather Review


Ruggiero, Frank H., George D. Modica, Alan E. Lipton, 2000: Assimilation of Satellite Imager Data and Surface Observations to Improve Analysis of Circulations Forced by Cloud Shading Contrasts. Mon. Wea. Rev., 128, 434–448.

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An assimilation system that performs continuous assimilation of satellite imager data and intermittent assimilation of hourly surface observations is described. The system was applied to a case study of the southeast United States that was heavily influenced by the shading effect of an area of morning stratiform clouds. The results of analyses produced during the assimilation show improvement in the depiction of the modified surface heating effects beneath the cloudy region as well as in important convective precursors such as mass and moisture convergence and convective available potential energy in the cloudy and adjoining regions. Without assimilation of these data, the numerical model was less able to simulate these thermally forced circulations.