George D. Modica

George Modica has a MS degree in meteorology with an emphasis in numerical weather prediction (NWP). Since joining AER in 1998, he has participated in and/or managed a broad range of projects in variational data assimilation, atmospheric characterization studies of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, the GOES/POES national weather satellite programs, renewable energy (wind and solar), and wildfire applications. Mr. Modica holds a certification from the American Meteorological Society (CCM #527) and has published numerous papers in refereed journals and technical conferences.

WRF-based hurricane simulation in the Environmental Data Cube Support System

26th Conference on Interactive Information and Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorology, Oceanography, and Hydrology

Typical day meteorological data in support of ATD modeling

20th Conference on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric Sciences

An investigation of stratospheric winds in support of the High Altitude Airship

13th Conference on Aviation Range and Aerospace Meteorology

WRF module optimization study

By Thomas Nehrkorn, George D. Modica
June 27, 2005

Joint WRF/MM5 Users’ Workshop. NCAR, Boulder, CO, 27–30 June 2005.

MM5 adjoint development using TAMC: experiences with an automatic code generator

By Thomas Nehrkorn, George D. Modica
August 2, 2001

14th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction