James Martin Griffin

Mr. Griffin serves as a subject matter expert on how the upper atmosphere and space environment impacts remote sensing systems and space object surveillance technology. He has provided analytical, computational, programming, project proposal and product development, data processing and visualization support for the space research efforts at both AER and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) since 1992. His expertise is in the areas of atmospheric density, drag, and radiance transmission; infrared (IR) radiance scenes simulation and nowcast/forecast of upper atmospheric and space weather effects in battlespace environment; mission simulation and support; electromagnetic scattering and propagation; orbital ephemeris; resident space object visibility and characterization; space and global situational awareness; and satellite data processing and analysis. He holds M.S. degrees in both Physics and Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Impact of PMC ice on high altitude limb radiance

30th Review of Atmospheric Transmission Models Conference

Polar Mesospheric Cloud Prediction and Observation

AMS 87th Conference – Space Weather Effects 4th Symposium