John M. Henderson

Mr. Henderson focuses on numerical weather prediction (NWP), data assimilation and applications to operational forecasting. He is Principal Investigator on an EPA-funded study to evaluate the suitability of long-term NWP simulations for use in air quality studies. He uses NASA supercomputers to carry out vast numbers of Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion (ADT) model simulations to support atmospheric constituent studies. He implemented mesoscale NWP systems for NOAA and also the Hellenic National Meteorological Service; upgraded global cloud forecasts at the Air Force Weather Agency; applied data assimilation to improve ocean diagnostics; and developed a suite of commercial forecasting tools. He is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM), a member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) and has published over 30 refereed papers and conference articles. A scientist at AER since 1997, he received his BSc. and Msc. degrees in Atmospheric Science from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

A 30-Year Wind Climatology off the Coast of Delaware From High-Resolution NWP

92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Exigent forecasting of extreme weather

By Ross Hoffman, John M. Henderson
April 13, 2008

EGU General Assembly, 2008

Initial Verification of the NOAA-UNH Joint Center for OCean Observing Technology real-time MM5/WRF forecasts

22nd Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/18th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction