Robert A. Morris

Dr. Robert Morris leads AER's Research and Development, responsible for scientific research and technology development in the areas of space environment / space weather, atmospheric science, satellite data applications, oceanography, and climate. The initiatives include atmospheric composition and radiation / radiative transfer, satellite remote sensing and retrievals, numerical weather prediction, data assimilation, physical oceanography, seasonal forecasting, space weather specification and prediction (ionosphere/thermosphere, magnetosphere, solar), development of decision aids for government and commercial customers, and support of government environmental/weather R&D and operations. Dr. Morris has over 24 years of government laboratory experience in space environment, atmospheric science, and remote sensing, including 10 years leading the Air Force Research Laboratory's Battlespace Environment Division. He has published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and over 100 conference papers. Dr. Morris is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and an AFRL Fellow. He earned his Ph.D. in physical chemistry at Boston College and his B.S. in chemistry at Bates College.