Current updates of the water-vapor linelist in HITRAN: A new “Diet” for air-broadened half-widths

Type: Journal Article

Venue: Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer


Gordon, I. E., L.S. Rothman, R.R. Gamache, D. Jacquemart, C. Boone, P.F. Bernath, M. Shephard, J.S. Delamere, and S.A. Clough, 2007: Current updates of the water-vapor linelist in HITRAN: A new “Diet” for air-broadened half-widths, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 108, 389-402.

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The current edition of the HITRAN compilation employed a sophisticated algorithm for combining measurements
available for the air-broadened half-widths of water-vapor absorption lines with theoretical values. Nevertheless, some of
the values in the HITRAN database were found to be far from ideal, due to large dispersions that still exist in the
experimental or theoretical methods. Therefore, new criteria were developed for introducing the best available air-
broadened half-widths into HITRAN, based on physical principles and statistics. This update concerns the three most
abundant isotopologues of water, with the values for H17O and H18O being the ones from analogous transitions of the
                                                                                        2              2
principal isotopologues. The new parameters have been tested in different remote-sensing applications and improved
constituent profiles were obtained. In total, air-broadened half-width values were updated for 11,787 transitions of water
vapor in the HITRAN database (6789 for H16O, 2906 for H17O, and 2092 for H18O). Some additional updates to the
                                                                    2                        2                              2
water-vapor line list are also presented. The resultant file (01_hit06.par) was uploaded to the HITRAN website (http:// in September 2006.