NH3 inverse modeling using TES NH3 observations and surface measurements

Type: Poster presentation

Venue: AGU Fall Meeting 2011


Liye Zhu, Daven K Henze, Karen Elena Cady-Pereira, Mark W Shephard, Mingzhao Luo, Robert W Pinder, Jesse O Bash (2011) NH3 inverse modeling using TES NH3 observations and surface measurements. AGU Fall Meeting 2011.

Resource Link: http://sites.agu.org/fallmeeting/scientific-program/

Emissions of ammonia pose a concern to the environment for several reasons. Ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate make up a substantial fraction of atmospheric fine particulate matter (PM2.5), exposure to which is known to cause health problems. Further, when deposited in excess, reactive nitrogen, including ammonia, can cause detrimental nutrient imbalances to sensitive ecosystem. However, there are lots of uncertainties in ammonia emission inventories. The uncertainty is varied and can be the total amount of emissions or even the daily variations. Our goal is to constrain ammonia emissions estimates using adjoint methods (GEOS-Chem) and new remote sensing products for NH3 from the TES instrument. We evaluate the inverse modeling results by comparing the observationally constrained model simulations to independent surface measurements of NH3 (AMoN, LADCO), NH4+ wet deposition (NTN) and SO42+, NO3- aerosols (IMPROVE). The inversion is shown to reduce the model bias in comparison to surface measurements of NH3 concentration and NH4+ wet deposition.