Ocean angular momentum and torques in a general circulation model

Type: Journal Article

Venue: Journal of Physical Oceanography


Ponte, R.M., and R.D. Rosen, 1994. Ocean angular momentum and torques in a general circulation model. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 24, 1966-1977.

Resource Link: http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=4250681

The ocean's angular momentum (M) and torques about the polar axis are analyzed using output from the global, eddy-resolving model of Semtner and Chervin. Seasonal variability in M is dominated by the annual cycle, whose magnitude appears capable of helping explain the residual in the solid earth-atmosphere annual momentum budget. Planetary (MΩ) and relative (Mr) ocean angular momentum components have comparable seasonal amplitudes. Most of the mean signal in Mr results from flows in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current region, but flows as far north as approximately 30°S are needed to explain the seasonal cycle. Locally, the strongest variability in relative angular momentum is found in the Tropics at all depths, a manifestation of the zonal, recirculating character of the tropical circulation