Optimization of NPOESS CrIMSS EDR Algorithm

Type: Poster presentation

Venue: Fourth Symposium on Future National Operational Environmental Satellites


Lynch, R.L., Y. He, G. Uymin, D.B. Hogan, H.E. Snell, D. Hagan and M. Mussetto, Optimization of NPOESS CrIMSS EDR Algorithm, AMS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 2008.

Resource Link: http://ams.confex.com/ams/88Annual/techprogram/paper_135716.htm

The CrIS and ATMS instruments on NPOESS will provide high quality temperature and moisture profiles with enhanced capabilities over the current operational satellite sounders. The Environmental Data Record (EDR) algorithm was designed to fully exploit this data and meet the performance specifications for temperature and water vapor profile retrievals. However, in addition to retrieval performance specifications the algorithm must meet stringent computational latency requirements while providing retrieval products for each field-of-view. Thus the computational efficiency of the algorithm must be optimized in order to reduce the computer processing requirements within the NPOESS Integrated Data Processing System (IDPS). A reduction in the overall processing load will allow the IDPS to meet the product latency requirements using fewer computer resources, resulting in a significant cost-savings for the program. This paper presents a study to reduce the CrIMSS EDR algorithm CPU time requirements through a reduction in the number of spectral channels used in the retrieval process and by incorporating recent advances in the Optimal Spectral Sampling (OSS) radiative transfer model used by the algorithm. We will show how these algorithm changes result in a significant reduction in the overall computation time with minimal change to the overall temperature and moisture profile retrieval performance.