Testbed architecture for rapid prototyping and assessment of environmental remote sensing algorithms

Type: Journal Article

Venue: Proceedings SPIE


T. Scott Zaccheo, John Galantowicz, David B. Hogan, Edward J. Kennelly and Hilary E. Snell, "Testbed architecture for rapid prototyping and assessment of environmental remote sensing algorithms", Proc. SPIE 5548, 37 (2004); doi:10.1117/12.559532

Resource Link: http://spiedigitallibrary.org/proceedings/resource/2/psisdg/5548/1/37_1?isAuthorized=no

The Interactive Algorithm Tool Box (IATB) is a multi-layered architecture designed to aid in the rapid implementation and end-to-end assessment of algorithms for estimating environmental parameters from remote sensing data. This architectural scheme employs a layered approach. The primary layer provides common methods for accessing sensor, ancillary and auxiliary data as well as user configurable parameters. The second layer provides a standard set of tools that can be used in the development of the target remote sensing algorithm and its supporting simulation tools. One of the primary tools provides a self-consistent mechanism for performing radiative transfer calculations over a broad spectral range from the Microwave to the Infrared/Visible. This toolbox also provides standard mechanisms for building first-order sensor models. The final layer provides a platform independent "wrapper" for integrating the target algorithm and its simulation tools with a set of standard and custom analysis tools. This layer provides an end-to-end product that can be used for extended analysis and calibration/validation with either simulated or "real" data.The testbed architecture has been applied to instruments measuring in spectra from the visible to the microwave. It has been employed during the development of algorithms for existing remote sensing systems (e.g. AMSU and AIRS) as well as sensor suites that will be flown on next generation satellites (e.g. NPOESS and GOES). This paper describes the IATB architecture and presents the implementation for several applications.