Atmospheric processes involve many scales — from a dust mote that acts as a condensation nucleus for a raindrop, to the impacts from a variety of global phenomenon like El Niño.  The Earth's atmosphere has a variety of properties, including heat, moisture, and various chemical species.  To understand atmospheric effects on our lives, it is essential to analyze and predict the nature and interaction of these properties on every scale, from the minute to the continental.  It requires a complex and diverse array of modeling, sensing, and simulation capabilities.

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) has taken on this challenge, building the required expertise. Our scientists have earned recognition as global leaders and innovators.  Today, organizations and governments throughout the world have come to rely on our science, models, software, and services.

AER's capabilities cover the atmosphere from the Earth’s surface to space, including well established expertise within the following areas:

  • Air Quality and Atmospheric Composition
  • Cloud Analysis and Forecasting
  • Data Assimilation and Modeling
  • Radiative Transfer
  • Remote Sensing
  • Weather Impact on Sensing Technologies