Cloud Analysis and Forecasting

Understanding clouds is essential to understanding the Earth's weather, climate and ecosystems.  Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) is at the forefront of global cloud research, analysis and forecasting – so much so that many of the world's government agencies look to us to fulfill their cloud-related needs.

AER researches, develops and implements algorithms for analysis of imaging sensor data from environmental satellites in operational and semi-operational processing environments. Research activities include remote sensing techniques for retrieval of spatial, radiative and microphysical cloud properties from multispectral sensor data.  Our emphasis is on real-time data applications of research algorithms in order to validate their broad applicability to existing and planned remote sensing systems capable of providing global and/or regional coverage.

We also develop cross-sensor retrieval techniques (e.g., combined infrared and microwave cloud property retrievals) and exploit extensive atmospheric modeling capabilities for simulation of radiometrically-correct test scene data. Modeled scene data are used for controlled assessment of retrieval algorithm performance and for evaluation of their applicability with planned future satellite observing systems.

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