GreenLITE Technology


Understanding GHG Emissions on Complex Industrial and Urban Scales


A long-term understanding of GHG emissions, reductions, and their impact to downstream events, will require continuous monitoring at a variety of spatial scales from highly localized environments to provincial/country boundaries, as well as global settings. GreenLITE™, developed by AER-Verisk and its partners at S3, LLC, is a revolutionary CH4 and CO2 real-time monitoring solution for complex urban or industrial environments. By providing highly accurate, real-time, continuous monitoring of transient and sustained emissions over local areas of interest it is useful for assessing site-specific carbon footprints and enables the understanding of variations in emissions over time, the identification of localized sources and sinks, and quantifiable metrics for assessment of mitigation efforts. GreenLITE™ has been demonstrated in several real-world environments including a year-long assessment of the CO2 over Paris, France in conjunction with COP-21, a pilot leak detection program hosted by Total Energies in France, and more recently, deployments in Alberta, Canada aimed at quantifying emissions from tailings ponds and open-pit mines associated with the oil sands industry. For more information about how GreenLITE™ provides an advanced method for autonomous and continuous monitoring of both localized leak and wide-area emission scenarios to include oil and gas production, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, feedlots, wetlands, permafrost, cities, and shipping ports, please explore a short EPA Methane Detection Technology Virtual Workshop presentation.