Planetary Science

Leveraging our cutting-edge remote sensing and modeling expertise, AER contributes to unraveling the mysteries of our planetary neighbors, particularly Mars. With funding from NASA, AER scientists are at the forefront of research into the Martian polar caps [Eluszkiewicz et al., 2005] and have adapted AER’s radiative transfer tools to perform retrievals of atmospheric and surface properties from radiances measured by instruments orbiting the Red Planet [Eluszkiewicz et al., 2008]. AER also has a long history of studying the local and extended atmospheres of planets, satellites, and comets. Particular topics of interest have included the sodium and potassium atmospheres of Mercury, the Moon, and Io, and the structure and transport of planetary magnetospheres and their complex plasma-neutral interactions in the Jupiter and Saturn systems.

Our specific expertise includes:

  • Fundamental properties of planetary atmospheres and surfaces.
  • Spectroscopy and radiative transfer in current and paleo atmospheres.
  • Remote sensing and analysis of data from planetary probes.

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