Space Environment and Effects Toolkit ( SEET )

Protecting satellites from disruptive space weather is paramount to successful missions. Using our extensive knowledge from years supporting the U.S. government’s missions, we developed the Space Environment and Effects Toolkit (SEET).

SEET is an add-on software module developed by Atmospheric Environmental Research (AER) for AGI’s Systems Tool Kit. SEET software provides comprehensive modeling of the space environment for mission planners, satellite designers and mission operators interested in understanding space’s impact on satellites and their electronic systems.

In conjunction with AGI’s STK software, SEET assists AER clients in planning for the effects of radiation, damaging meteorites or space debris, local magnetic fields, and heavy ion fluxes and their associated Single Event Upsets (SEUs), among other things. Within SEET software, organizations can select various models, input specific information about each space vehicle and its orbit strategy, or let the software select the best model for each event.

Developed by leading AER physicists using models from Air Force Research Lab’s AF-GEOSpace software program, SEET benefits from years of development and use experience supporting the Air Force Research Lab in its efforts to protect its assets in space. With SEET, organizations can plan for the harshest realities that might impact vehicles in space, while designing for the most likely.

To learn more about SEET, download brochure (PDF).

For more information about using SEET, please contact our partner AGI and request information on the AGI/STK which contains AER’s SEET modules.