FloodScan: Near real-time and historical flood mapping

FloodScan provides daily maps of large-scale, inland flooding from 1998 to the present based on satellite remote sensing technology. FloodScan uses data gathered by space-borne microwave sensors, monitoring all land areas for flooding in clear and cloudy conditions from day and night satellite passes. The system derives flooded fraction at lower-resolution microwave data scales and applies a physical downscaling technique to produce higher-resolution flood maps. FloodScan is more likely to detect and map larger and longer lasting river floods than smaller scale flash floods. 


  • Continental Coverage

Coast-to-coast coverage of Africa and North and South America to 60° latitude. 

  • Daily Updates

Daily flood map updates for the entire spatial coverage from near real-time satellite data processing.  

  • High Resolution

90-meter resolution everywhere. 

  • Historical Reach

Daily flood mapping record extending back to 1998 in Africa and 2002 in the Americas. 

Technical Documentation