Weather Risk for Business

When you can better understand and anticipate the impact of weather and climate, you have the power to strengthen your business in many ways – whether it's minimizing property damage from a storm; gauging the effect of drought on commodity investment strategies; calculating how clouds impact solar energy production; or evaluating insurance claims in the aftermath of severe weather.

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) gives you that power, enabling you to make better-informed decisions that benefit both your customers and your bottom line.

Transform weather risk into opportunity

AER is unlike traditional weather companies.

We don't regard weather prediction or weather data as our final product. Instead, we view the weather as a means to enable you to transform weather risk into strategic and market differentiating opportunity. By partnering with you, we help you advance your most important business goals by integrating state-of-the-art atmospheric science and remote sensing (satellite, radar, airborne sensor) technologies into your business and product development processes.

AER is uniquely equipped to support the strategic weather risk management needs of business because we offer:

  • Unmatched weather, climate and environmental R&D and operational remote sensing capabilities
  • Business-focused environmental situational awareness, strategic and operational planning, and scenario assessment capability
  • The scientific integrity and credibility of a major research institution
  • The agility to respond quickly to evolving needs
  • A team comprising over 170 professionals, including more than 85 advanced degree holders, many of them PhDs

For business clients, there's no greater assurance of success than knowing that AER is the same organization government agencies rely on to improve weather prediction and weather science. All our corporate clients benefit from our more than 30-year record of strategic collaborations with government organizations, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA and the Departments of Defense and Energy. AER is an active team member on the US government's next-generation weather satellite (GOES-R), and a partner to international meteorological agencies in Europe and the Pacific Rim.

These relationships have enriched our data resources, as well. In fact, AER is the only service provider of its kind with access to the most comprehensive mineable repositories of current, historical and predicted global environmental data. These data include 30+ years of meteorological, atmospheric, oceanographic and space environmental information, as well as associated data from research and operational environmental satellites currently orbiting the Earth.

Manage weather and climate risk

At AER, we follow a three-step process to enable our clients to systematically and proactively manage weather- and climate-related risk:

  1. Analyze. With our sophisticated remote sensing and analytical capabilities, we are able to closely monitor and interpret data to determine weather and climate risk exposure.
  2. Predict. AER is at the forefront of weather forecasting, pioneering science that has vastly increased the warning time before severe weather events.
  3. Act. We provide clients with meaningful and timely guidance to help mitigate physical or financial risk and ensure success.

With the resources of AER on your side:

  • Insurance companies can quickly pinpoint areas affected by extreme weather events and take appropriate action.
  • Actuaries can develop first-order loss reserve estimates in near-real-time.
  • Underwriters can merge weather information and property characteristics to evaluate if inspections are warranted before binding policies.
  • Insurance investigators can better identify fraudulent or questionable claims.
  • Commodities traders can factor the impact of flooding or drought into their investment strategies.
  • Solar and wind power producers can better understand the impact of weather on energy output.
  • Energy fund managers can make better decisions about the impact of weather changes on the share prices of energy producers.
  • Agriculture sensitive corporations and commodity traders can use AER products and services to monitor climate, hydrology and weather impacts on crops, livestock and prices.
  • Organizations of all kinds can determine how to strengthen communications, power, and navigation systems to withstand the impact of severe storms and atmospheric conditions, as well as solar flares and other space weather.

For more information on how AER can help your business mitigate weather- and climate-related risks, please contact us.