What Kind of Weather Can You Expect This Summer?

Publish Date: May 22, 2012
Article Source: WCVBTV
Article Link: www.aer.com/news-events/in-the-news/2012/what-kind-weather-can-you-expect-summer

Chief Meteorologist Harvey Leonard of Boston's WCVB-TV channel 5 was impressed by AER's Dr. Judah Cohen's accuracy of the 2012 Winter Forecast, that he would find out what the Summer's Forecast should be like. 

“This past winter in New England was one of the most unusual in memory. But seasonal specialist Judah Cohen nailed the forecast --- predicting warm, dry weather when many others said it would be cold and stormy. Cohen is a principal scientist at Lexington-based Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), a Verisk Analytics company.” – Harvey Leonard

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