Gain actionable insights from weather forecasts and climate analysis

Understanding changing weather and climatic factors is essential to effective decision making in the energy industry. With weather intelligence and climate research from Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), energy producers, distributors, service providers and energy traders can gain the insights they need to guide their strategies and better manage their investments.

For example, AER solutions can help organizations:

  • Monitor potential weather impacts on gulf oil production and wind and marine renewable energy assets along the East and Gulf coasts
  • Use weather forecasts to gauge and anticipate heating and cooling demand
  • Make strategic investment decisions based on potential weather and climate impacts
  • Evaluate siting of energy production assets when water, wind and solar resources affect productivity
  • Identify surface water resources needed for energy extraction
  • Pre-plan to enable rapid response to environmental hazzards such as gas or oil spills or pipeline leaks
  • Analyze and trade futures contracts based on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Hurricane Index (CHI)
  • Pinpoint risks and identify new business opportunities

Overview of all of AER’s products, solutions and consulting services

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AER Spotlight:

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—The Rise of the Climate Consultant: As the SEC asks for climate risk disclosure, an industry blooms, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, June 6, 2010