Agricultural corporations – and organizations with businesses that are affected by agriculture – rely on Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) for strategic and transactional insights. Some rely on our world-class seasonal forecasting and machine learning techniques to gain early insight into corn yield projections for the upcoming season in the late winter and for updates during the season. Other organizations need to understand how climate change may influence the strategic direction of product development for specific agricultural resources. Other firms work with AER to analyze and monitor environmental conditions across the globe that impact crop yields and livestock prices. To purchase any of our agricultural related products, including our current corn yield projection, please click the blue button on the right side of the page.

AER also conducts world-class research, often in conjunction with top universities, in areas such as drought, flash drought, yield trends, and hail forecasting that are invaluable to the agricultural community. Regular updates on environmental conditions pertinent to agricultural production are available in the Ag Blog.

AER’s remote sensing solutions and consulting provide insights about the relevant climate, hydrology and weather. Our retrieval algorithms for geophysical parameters include the design and development of new methods for detecting and profiling:

  • Agricultural equipment mobility
  • Snow cover
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Precipitation
  • Surface properties such as emissivity, soil moisture, vegetation and snow cover
  • Surface water and groundwater
  • And many others

Armed with this information, organizations can develop strategies, launch business plans and set operational priorities based on solid information. To explore how your priorities may benefit please contact us.

AER Corn Yield Forecast

This report provides critical insights, to include:

  • What analog years best represent the upcoming season?
  • What will the national corn yield look like under these conditions?
  • What will the by-district corn yield look like?
  • What are the greatest weather risks that could affect these outcomes?

Interested?  Email Dr Eric Hunt for more information