Energy Products and Services Overview

Forecasting and risk management powered by breakthrough science

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) provides scientifically advanced weather prediction and risk management services to help executives in weather-sensitive industries make better-informed business decisions.

Energy providers are using AER’s environmental science, as well as our climate and weather models and analysis, to optimize production and better manage their resources. AER’s insights from scientific analysis of the latest research on climate trends can be tailored to the specific needs of energy customers – providing customized and proprietary differentiators.

Products and Services for Energy Professionals
Area AER expertise enables… Description

Energy demand forecasts

The U.S. Government, commodity traders and energy producers – both renewable and traditional – to forecast energy demand for upcoming seasons, based on AER’s climate and weather intelligence.

  • Using the major Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models, AER's scientists and algorithm developers will customize inputs for your own models. Our experience stems from years of developing, validating and improving the NWP models.

Energy production

Energy producers to monitor potential weather impacts on traditional energy assets, such as oil rigs in the Gulf, or renewable energy plants, such as solar or wind farms.

AER's hurricane services include short range 1-5 day forecasts as well as long-range analysis of the upcoming tropical storm season.

Cloud impact on solar production

Solar energy distributors and plant owners to forecast surface solar irradiance at their plant sites.

Cloud forecasts from AER’s world-renowned cloud depiction and analysis software quantify the impact of clouds on solar collection at current and proposed locations.

Transmission and distribution

Power providers to ensure reliability by anticipating and mitigating disruptions from tropical storms, tornadoes, snow and ice, or solar flares.
  • AER's weather forecasts and forensics combined with high resolution geospatial mapping to neighborhood level.
  • AER's space weather analysis provides 24 hour monitoring and support for timely decisions on mitigation steps

Environmental impacts of energy production

  • Energy producers and distributors to maintain strong, positive relations with local communities.
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) leaders to simulate and visualize potential impacts and approaches that eliminate or mitigate risk to the community.
  • Demonstrate exceptional knowledge of the land, ground water and atmospheric impacts of any incident – real or potential – by leveraging AER's environmental and atmospheric consulting services.
  • AER's air and water quality and hydrology services provide the latest science-based approaches to analyze, quantify and visualize environmental impacts and simulate mitigation approaches.
Energy trading
  • Short and long term commodity traders to assess risks associated with the weather for buy/sell decisions.
  • Traders to analyze and value futures contracts based on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Hurricane Index (CHI).
  • Traders to base investment strategies on potential weather and climate impacts.
AER's proprietary weather forecasts provide:
  • Long term 1-6 month seasonal forecasts based on a proprietary climate model developed and supported by leading climate experts.
  • Climate consulting and climatology assessments of long-term trends of weather's impact on energy demand or production.