How Can Businesses Climate-Proof Themselves?

Publish Date: August 7, 2014
Article Source: NPR Here and Now podcast (10 minutes)
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How can organizations and businesses have resilient operations to address climate change?

“The challenge often is to take the recognition that [weather is] an issue, and be able to put it into a practice that someone can rely upon day in and day out.”

“The costs are huge and businesses are … doing everything they can to become climate resistant, if not climate-proof. That means not only changing infrastructure, such as moving electric generators to higher floors, for example, but also understanding risk, knowing where your supplies come from and having a sense of potential problems in every region where the business operates.”

WBUR NPR’s Robin Young talks with Kyle Beatty about applications of the climate research and data science from AER, Verisk Climate and Verisk Analytics. Listen to the 10 minute podcast.