Workshop Announcement – AWS Cloud Computing with Radio Occultation Data

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Time: 19:00 – 21:00 (European Central Time)

Place: Main Conference Room, Schloss Seggau Hotel, Leibnitz, Austria

GNSS Radio Occultation has arrived in the AWS Open Data Registry, meaning it is now possible to bring enormous computing power to bear on any research you do with GNSS RO data without having to worry about storage and bandwidth limitations. Moreover, a database is provided to you for easy searching, screening, and filtering of RO data. It is certainly possible to download these data to analyze them onto your local workstations, but it is much more cost effective and convenient to do so with AWS cloud computing, and many private and public sector entities are migrating into the cloud, include NASA DAACs.

We are announcing a workshop to be held on the last evening of the OPAC-7/IROWG-9 meeting to be held September 8–14, 2022, in Leibnitz, Austria. This workshop will introduce cloud computing with Amazon Web Services with a focus on the repository of GNSS radio occultation data in the AWS Open Data Registry to an audience of RO scientists at all levels of experience. The goal is for participants to leave with an understanding of the world of cloud computing, its capabilities and caveats, and a taste for further investigation and investment in cloud computing.

The workshop will be conducted by members of the project that is generating the AWS Open Data Registry repository of GNSS RO data, including Amy McVey, Stephen Leroy, Mark Leidner, Hailing Zhang, and Chi Ao.

Prerequisites for attending: A laptop computer with an internet connection and an X windows server; some fluency in scientific computing using Python

Facilities to be provided: A small, pre-installed AWS virtual computer (“EC2 instance”) on which attendees can work with the RO data.

Workshop Material: Here are the Presentation Slides given during the workshop and the workshop Jupyter Notebook hosted on our Github.  

Reference web pages: AWS page for RO data, Github page with reference documentation, utilities, and tutorials.