Lots of Snow this Winter? AER long-range forecasting & Dr Judah Cohen’s Arctic Oscillation and Polar Vortex Research highlighted in US media articles

Publish Dates:  10Oct - 01Nov 2023

Sources:  USA Today (Doyle Rice), AP (Seth Borenstein), Washington Post (Dan Stillman, Ian Livingston) 

Resource Links: 

USA Today-- How cold and snowy will US winter be? Why October snow in Siberia could hold the answer


AP-- Forecast predicts an El Nino winter. What does that mean?:


Washington Post-- Winter is coming: What 5 experts are forecasting for D.C. — and why.


Washington Post-- Snow cover in the Lower 48 is at record levels as November starts:


AER Science and Dr Judah Cohen's seasonal forecasting work is highlighted in several media articles associated with the upcoming winter season forecast.

To access more information on AER seasonal forecasting and view Dr Cohen's weekly Arctic Oscilation and Polar Vortex research blog visit: https://www.aer.com/science-research/climate-weather/arctic-oscillation/