AER has received a Supplier Excellence Award from Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Information Systems (NGIS) sector for technical innovation and quality products and services.

AER reports some of the strongest evidence to date that Arctic sea ice loss has links to colder winters and related extreme weather events across northern Eurasia and much of the U.S. and Canada. The research is published in Oceanography.

AER Emerging Risk research program will create new datasets and assess trends in risk due to climate change.

When tornadoes strike, three Verisk Analytics companies provide claims professionals with a range of important tools and services to help victims get back on their feet quickly

Severe Weather, Aging Power Grid Increase Costly Blackout Risks

Forecast from autumn 2012 achieves average error of 1° Fahrenheit, outperforming all public forecast benchmarks

AER announced upgrades to its near-real-time AER RespondTM and historical AER BenchmarkTM products. The upgraded service provides a 15% improvement in the ability to validate hail claims.

Multiple Award Wins Reflect Verisk’s Increasing Role in Reducing Risk in Environmental Compliance and Renewable Energy Production

Verisk’s industry-leading wildfire risk management system FireLine, powered by AER, is now available for Texas. AER scientists manage the Fireline analytics to evaluate wildfire risk at the property address level by using advanced remote sensing technology. Read the press release below.