Rebecca Adams-Selin

Dr. Adams-Selin’s research interests include convectively-generated gravity waves, microphysical impacts on convection, hail prediction, and aircraft icing. She conducted original work interpreting observations to determine gravity wave presence, simulating gravity waves observed in conjunction with bow echo development, and connecting a specific type of wave to new bowing development (Adams-Selin and Johnson 2010, 2013). She is currently lead PI on a NSF-funded project in collaboration with Dr. Russ Schumacher (Colorado State University) to assess the type and timing of gravity waves associated with all Mesoscale Convective Systems. She created WRF-HAILCAST, a 1D hail model inline within WRF, with Dr. Conrad Ziegler (NOAA/NSSL), which explicitly models the growth of a hailstone within a convective updraft (Adams-Selin and Ziegler 2016). This algorithm has been evaluated yearly since 2014 at the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Experiment and was released to the WRF user community in Fall 2014. The 1D HAILCAST hail model is also being tested as part of the COSMO (Consortium for Small-Scale Modeling) model for hail forecasting at MeteoSwiss and Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD Germany).

CV:  Dr. Adams-Selin

The HAILCAST software is publicly available via