Eurasian Snow Cover Variability and Links with Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling and their Potential Use in Seasonal to Decadal Climate Predictions

Type: Article

Venue: NOAA Climate Test Bed Seminar Series, Camp Springs, MD, USA

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Dr. Judah Cohen was invited to present a seminar for the NOAA Climate Test Bed (CTB) Seminar Series, at the NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), in Camp Springs, MD, USA.

"Eurasian snow cover variability and links with stratosphere-troposphere coupling and their potential use in seasonal to decadal climate predictions" discussed more than a decade of research.

He also described AER's six-step model that begins with the advance of Siberian snow cover in October and ends with more (or less) frequent Arctic outbreaks during the winter in the Eastern US, Europe and East Asia, which are associated with the negative (or positive) phase of the large-scale telconnection pattern the Arctic Oscillation (AO).